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Hamdy S M, Ali M S, Abd El-Hmid R G, Abdelghaffar N K, Abdelaleem O O. Role of Long non Coding RNAs, NEAT1 and Lnc-DC Expression in Pediatric Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura. rbmb.net 2023; 11 (4) :635-643
URL: http://rbmb.net/article-1-1071-en.html
Departments of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Fayoum University, Egypt.
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Background: Pediatric immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is an autoimmune disease; whose etiology is unknown. lncRNAs are regulators of numerous actions, which participate in the development of autoimmune diseases. We evaluated the expression ofNEAT1 and Lnc-RNA in dendritic cell (Lnc-DC) in pediatric ITP.

Methods: Sixty ITP patients and 60 healthy subjects were enrolled in the present study; Real-time PCR was performed to assess the expression levels of NEAT1 and Lnc-DC in sera of children with ITP as well as healthy children.

Results: Both lncRNAs, NEAT1 and Lnc-DC were significantly upregulated in ITP patients in comparison to controls (p <0.0001 and P= 0.001 respectively). Furthermore, significant upregulation of the expression levels of NEAT1 and Lnc-DC were observed in the non-chronic compared with chronic ITP patients. Also, there was significant negative correlation between each of NEAT1 and Lnc-DC and platelet counts before treatment (r= -0.38; P= 0.003 and r= -0.461; P< 0.0001, respectively).

Conclusions: serum lncRNAs, NEAT1 and Lnc-DC could be used as potential biomarkers in differentiating childhood ITP patients and healthy controls in addition to differentiating non-chronic from chronic ITP which may provide a theoretical basis for the mechanism and treatment of immune thrombocytopenia.
Keywords: Lnc-DC, NEAT1, Pediatric, ITP.
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Type of Article: Original Article | Subject: Molecular Biology
Received: 2022/10/19 | Accepted: 2022/11/10 | Published: 2023/04/3

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