Reports of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology- Aims & Scopes
Aims and Scopes

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The Reports of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (RBMB) is the official journal of the Varastegan Institute for Medical Sciences and is dedicated to furthering the international exchange of medical and biomedical science experience and opinion and a platform for worldwide dissemination. The RBMB is a medical journal that gives special emphasis to biochemical research and molecular biology studies.

The Journal invites original and review articles, short communications, reports on experiments and clinical cases, editorials, commentaries, views and perspectives, letters to authors, book reviews, resources, news, and event agenda. case reports containing new insights into any aspect of biochemistry and molecular biology that are not published or being considered for publication elsewhere.

Language: The Journal uses Standard English.

Periodicity: The Journal was produced biannually in its initial phase, in October and April and now is produced seasonally (since 2019), four times in each year, Jan, April,  July, and October.

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