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Medhat E, Ayeldeen G, Hosni Ahmed H, Shaker O, Gheita T, Salma Ashour S. HOTAIR and THRIL Long Non Coding RNAs and Their Target Genes in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients. rbmb.net. 2022; 10 (4) :697-710
URL: http://rbmb.net/article-1-785-en.html
Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
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Background: Rheumatoid arthtritis (RA) is a chronic systemic inflammatory autoimmune disease characterized by irreversible joint damage and deformity. The aim of this study is to investigate THRIL and HOTAIR serum expression and their target genes in Egyptian RA patients and to evaluate their relationship to the clinico-pathological data.

Methods: The present study included fifty-two RA patients and fifty-six healthy controls. RA patients were classified according to DAS28 score. All subjects were subjected to full history taking and clinical examination. Quantitative real time PCR was done to estimate the expression levels of serum THRIL and
HOTAIR as well as their target genes tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) and metalloproteinase 2 (MMP- 2) were estimated by ELISA techniques.

Results: Results revealed that both THRIL and HOTAIR were statistically over expressed in RA patients compared to healthy group with p-value< 0.05. Results showed as well that the target genes for those longnon coding RNAs, TNF-α and MMP-2, were also significantly higher in RA patients compared to healthy controls.

Conclusions: Both THRIL and HOTAIR associated with their target genes, can be considered as diagnostic markers for RA.
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Type of Article: Original Article | Subject: Molecular Biology
Received: 2021/09/6 | Accepted: 2021/10/24 | Published: 2022/02/7

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